Valentin Software And Solcast-Climate Data

Valentin Software And Solcast-Climate Data


New climate data sources in PV*SOL premium 2022: Solcast


With our new PV*SOL premium 2022 Release 1, our users now have the option of using data from the provider Solcast in addition to existing climate data sources. This increases the global availability of climate data and can thus improve the simulation accuracy for many locations.

Solcast is a global provider of solar data services to more than 17,000 users around the world. Solcast specializes in creating accurate solar irradiance and PV power datasets for historical, real-time and forecast applications, and making them available via a reliable, fast and secure API. They provide highest quality TMY (Typical Meteorological Year) data with nearly worldwide coverage for the period 2007-2020. PV*SOL users can receive two TMY data sets per month free of charge. Additional requests can be provided for a monthly fee, which will be billed via Solcast. See details on the Solcast pricing page.

Solcast TMY data sets are derived from a multi-year Time Series specifically selected so that it presents the unique weather phenomena for the location, and provides annual averages that are consistent with long term averages. The data sets have a P50 Probability of exceedance, 1-2 km spatial resolution of satellite data and time granularity of 60 minutes.


With our new release, we made it possible to access Solcast TMY data with a convenient and fast one-click solution. There is no need to manually import the climate data. Simply fill in your email address (no further information required) within MeteoSyn in PV*SOL premium and a free tier account with Solcast will be registered for you, giving you access to the data.

With the new interface, our users have simple and uncomplicated access to a new source of high-quality climate data. The worldwide availability and time span until 2020 make Solcast TMY data sets in many places the most accurate and up-to-date within PV*SOL premium.

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