GeoT*SOL 2020 release 1 available now


With the release of GeoT*SOL 2020, a new bivalent heat pump system is available. In addition, the calculation of the seasonal heat performance factor based on VDI guideline 4650 and the heat pump database were updated. For more information read our release notes:

> Release notes GeoT*SOL 2020 R1

New bivalent heat pump system with a hydraulic switch

By using a hydraulic switch, the heat pump supplies the heating buffer storage and the heating with heat. If there is no need for heating, the heat pump also loads the buffer storage for domestic hot water. This increases the operating time of the heat pump. The boiler is mainly responsible for heating domestic hot water, but also supports heating when the outside temperature is low.

Update according to VDI guideline 4650

The calculation of the seasonal heat performance factor was updated on the basis of VDI guideline 4650, sheet 1, from March 2019. The seasonal heat performance factor is an important figure because it forms the basis for many promotional measures and approval procedures.

Update of the heat pump database

The heat pump database was updated in GeoT*SOL 2020 and now contains over 3,900 products. BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) maintains a list of heat pumps with test evidence, which has been checked by accredited institutes.