PV*SOL premium 2020 Release 6 available now


After the release of PV*SOL premium 2020 in January and PV*SOL 2020 in March this year, we are now making Release 6 available to you, which contains a whole range of new features and various bug fixes.


Among other features, you can now map half-cell modules in the simulation model and simulate salt water batteries. We have also changed the inverter efficiency reference from DC to AC to meet the current definition. The shading calculation in the 3D visualization and the diffuse model in 1 hour resolution have been improved. If you work with high-resolution displays, the high-DPI display settings are now set automatically for you. Furthermore, as always, there is of course the current database as an offline variant.


Among the bug fixes, it should be emphasized for the many users working from home due to the current situation, that the program is now no longer terminated immediately if the z-buffer in the 3D visualization is not sufficient. Working with PV*SOL premium via remote desktop should therefore improve noticeably.


You can find more information on all features and bug fixes in our Release notes.