PV*SOL 2020 Release 5 available now


After the release of PV*SOL premium 2020 in January and PV*SOL 2020 in March this year, Release 5 is now available, which contains bug fixes and an updated offline database. Please refer to the Release Notes for more information:

> Release notes for PV*SOL 2020 premium R5
> Release notes for PV*SOL 2020 R5

Online databases

The introduction of online databases brings many advantages to your work with our software. Now that products and tariffs are updated faster, you always work with the latest data records. Large files no longer have to be downloaded for database updates. If you do not have access to the internet, you can use an offline database.

Selection of different system inverters

With jointly interconnected module areas, several different system inverters and different string assignments can now be defined.

Parts list

With the new parts list, all products, cables, safety devices, etc. used in the project are automatically put together.

Project comparison

In the new project comparison, two or more PV*SOL projects can be compared with each other. An export of the tabular overview is also possible.

New consumer dialog

The different consumer types (measured and imported load profiles, consumers with load profile and individual consumers) are now summarized in a common dialog. For this purpose, the user interface was fundamentally revised and the functionalities adjusted.