PV*SOL premium 2021 Release 1 available now


With the new version PV*SOL premium 2021the coupling of a PV system with a heating and hot water system can now be designed.

By integrating the simulation of a complete hot water system with the integration of a thermal building model from the sister program T*SOL, the share of the energy consumption of an electric heat pump to cover the thermal building energy or hot water energy requirement, can now be calculated and the respective share of the electricity from the PV system determined.

With the new DWD (German Weather Service) data sets, high-quality test reference data sets for Germany are available in PV*SOL premium 2021, which were generated in 2017 as part of a research project. The global climate data from Meteonorm 7.3 has also been added. The program thus includes the latest climate data records that are currently available.

Appliances that are only operated when there is a PV surplus can be simulated in PV*SOL premium from version 2021. The surplus consumers can have a dynamic or fixed power consumption.

The import of short-term load profiles now also allows the load profiles measured over a freely adjustable period to be imported into PV*SOL premium 2021. Previously, the shortest specified period was a full year.

There is also something new in the 3D visualization: the map import (floor plans, cadastral maps and screenshots from web-based satellite maps) includes an improved user interface and additional map material.

Further innovations in PV*SOL premium 2021:

  • Circuit diagram: clear representation of the interconnection of the individual modules and strings up to the inverter and the feed point; safety devices can now be managed in templates; components can be added in groups and thus reused
  • Project report: the templates are now freely configurable and an import and export function is available

Do you have any questions about the new version? Simply contact us by phone on +49 (0)30 588 439 0 or by email at sales@valentin-software.com – we’d be pleased to help.

The Valentin Software Team