GeoT*SOL 2021

GeoT*SOL 2021 Release 1 available now


GeoT*SOL 2021 has been expanded to include a storage tank database with over 600 products from leading manufacturers. This means that storage tanks from different manufacturers can be simulated and compared.

The systems were optimized for the heat pump in parallel operation mode. This means that the heat pumps can cover a larger proportion of the heat generation.

The program interface is now even more user-friendly. The window size can be adjusted as required and the settings are restored the next time the program is started.

New Features

Evidence for Germany’s Building Energy Act (GEG)

The new Building Energy Act (GEG), which includes the EnEV and EEWärmeG, has been in force since November 1, 2020. GeoT*SOL has been adapted so that the degree of fulfillment of the heat pump and solar system will continue to be calculated and included in the project report. In bivalent systems, boilers that use biomass are also taken into account.

Storage tanks can be selected from the database

The extensive and revised T*SOL storage tank database is now available in GeoT*SOL. There are currently over 600 products from leading manufacturers to choose from. Standard storage tanks can of course be used for your own optimization and calculations, the volume and heat losses of which can be edited. As with heat pumps, collectors and boilers, certain storage tanks can also be marked as favorites and can therefore be selected quickly and easily.

Program interface

The window size of the program can be adjusted as required. The dimensions last used will be restored at the next start. In addition, the filter for the system selection has been simplified.

Climate data

Update of the climate data based on test reference data sets of the DWD for Germany and Meteonorm 7.3 worldwide.

Optimization of heat pumps

In the simulation in parallel operation mode, the heat pumps cover a larger proportion of the heat generation than in earlier program versions. This is due to the operation that has been extended for the heat pumps and means that the boiler starts up later.

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