Heat pump software GeoT*SOL 2023 available now


GeoT*SOL is the professional and user-friendly tool for planning and designing heat pump systems. In the newly released program version GeoT*SOL 2023 (free 30-day trial) , the trend towards sector coupling is covered with the integration of a photovoltaic system. The annual simulation of the PV system is based on the calculation core of the sister program PV*SOL and provides detailed results on self-consumption and the degree of self-sufficiency. Heat pump, heating rod, source-side pumps and solar circuit pumps can be selected as electrical appliances for the generated energy of the PV system.

The simulation of the heat pump and PV system provides dozens of simulation results (data series) on an hourly basis. In GeoT*SOL 2023, these can now be displayed and evaluated as dynamic, configurable diagrams in the program. The diagrams can be configured extensively and saved as a profile to be used in future projects. Selected diagrams can be conveniently integrated into the project report for the client.

In GeoT*SOL 2023, the program's internal help function has also been changed to an online help to enable faster updating and adaptation to user questions.

More information on the new features and improvements can be found on our product page and in the release notes.

Do you have any questions about the new version? Feel free to call us at +49 (0)30 588 439 0 or email us at sales@valentin-software.com.