PVSOL 2022 R3

PVSOL 2022 R3


PV*SOL 2022 Release 3 available now


PV*SOL 2022 with significantly improved performance, PAN file import and new climate data sources.


From now on, PV*SOL 2022 supports 64-bit architecture. PV*SOL can of course still run on 32-bit systems without the need for a separate installation.

New graphics in the project report

Various new graphics can be added to the project report. In addition to the consumption diagrams, any diagrams from the diagram editor (time series, carpet plot and characteristic curve diagrams) can be easily added to the project report with a click of the mouse. You can also load your own graphics or photos, e.g. from an on-site visit, into the software and add them to the project report.

Meteonorm 8

A long-awaited innovation is the integration of the current version of the climate data provider Meteonorm 8. This means that high-quality climate data with the new periods 1996-2015 are available worldwide. The new features can be viewed in detail on the Meteonorm website.

New climate data sources: PVGIS and Solcast

With PVGIS and Solcast, further new climate data sources are available in PV*SOL. Both providers deliver high-quality TMY data sets, i.e. typical meteorological years, which have a very special statistical significance and quality. PVGIS offers TMY data from the period 2005-2016 for all of Europe, Africa, large parts of North and South America, as well as West and Central Asia. Solcast is a fee-based provider of the highest quality TMY data with nearly worldwide coverage for the period 2007-2020. PV*SOL users can receive two TMY data sets per month free of charge.

Import of PAN Files

Another feature, long awaited by our customers, is now available with the PAN file import. Module data can now be read directly into the database via text files in *.pan format. This saves a lot of time and possible typing errors.

Import of PVGIS horizon lines

PVGIS horizon lines can be imported directly into PV*SOL using a simple map dialog. This saves the manual downloading and conversion of the data.

Automatic configuration of SolarEdge products

With PV*SOL 2022 it is now possible for the first time to automatically generate SolarEdge configurations. A single push of a button is all it takes for PV*SOL to find a suitable connection with SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters, even in complex scenarios.

Further innovations and improvements in PV*SOL 2022 can be found in our release notes.

Do you have any further questions about the new version? We are available to you by phone at +49 (0)30 588 439 0 or by e-mail at sales@valentin-software.com.

The Valentin Software Team