News PV*SOL premium 2023

PV*SOL premium 2023 Release 1 available now


The new program version PV*SOL premium 2023 (free 30-day trial) provides new, high-quality climate data for Germany. Based on area-wide weather data from the German Weather Service (DWD) from 1995 to 2012, Valentin Software has created a data set that includes a TMY file (TMY = typical meteorological year) for every square kilometer in Germany. These data sets are optimized for PV applications and are unique in their quality. They are available to PV*SOL customers at no additional cost.

There are also new features for checking the configuration between PV modules and inverters. Among others, PV*SOL premium 2023 has introduced a check of the maximum short-circuit current for the inverters. This value can now be saved in the database. The configuration verification ensures that the inverter’s maximum short-circuit current is not exceeded.

Further innovations in PV*SOL premium 2023 are:
• Monthly consumption values can be provided with daily load profiles
• Performing two simulation steps in parallel for shaded 3D systems
• SolarAnywhere as an additional climate data provider

More information on the new features and improvements can be found in our release notes.

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