Custom Software


Custom application development

Thanks to our many years of engineering know-how in energy technology, also beyond renewable energies, we are also active as a service provider for individual software. For example, we are developing a design software for a major German heating technology manufacturer that supports users (specialist system designers) in the design of heating systems in a power range from a few kW to several MW. In addition to the correct selection of suitable boilers, the complete control, including connection diagrams, is determined according to the manufacturer's rules.

For the same customer, we maintain and expand software for the correct dimensioning of hot water systems using the total line method.


Customizing of our standard software

Based on our standard software PV*SOL, T*SOL and GeoT*SOL, we are also happy to offer our customers tailor-made software products for special needs. For example, several customers use a variant of our online calculator in their own branding.

PV*SOL has a very extensive database in which we maintain thousands of high quality PV modules, inverters and battery systems. For certain applications, we offer our customers the use of our Online database, which is self-contained and independent of PV*SOL.

We would be happy to talk to you about your project! Simply send an e-mail with your request to Matheo Gundermann (