Technical support



Our technical support is a reliable and competent contact for your technical and specialist questions about our software products (1st and 2nd level support). In addition, technical support plans and conducts product trainings and webinars, answers questions in our forum and creates tutorial videos.

The technical support staff are qualified meteorologists and electrical engineers, and have worked for many years in climate and environmental research or in the field of renewable energies. They have accompanied the development of our software products for several years and are always a good point of contact for specialist or technical queries, as well as for the implementation of more complex projects or software improvements, for us and for our customers.

We have sales partners worldwide who sell our software and also provide support. If you are not based in Germany, you can get in touch with our international sales partners directly.


First and second level support

As part of our software maintenance contracts, technical support is available for you to record support requests and, at best, for immediate help by telephone and by e-mail in German and English.

Please have the following details ready so that we can process your request quickly:

  • Name of the program
  • Program version and release number
  • Error description
  • Project report

An important note for sending your project file:
If you send us project files, we recommend that you remove the personal information provided under project data before exporting.

Please provide us with project files with a file size of more than 20 MB via a corresponding online service. We recommend WeTransfer - this service is free and requires no registration.


Frequent inquiries


Reactivation of software

If you want to move your license to another computer, you must first release the relevant serial number on the old computer. To do this, please open the program on the old computer and carry out the following steps:

Help -> Registration -> Change registration -> Release serial number

With the released serial number you can register your software on the new computer.
Important: You can only release a license yourself once in six months.

If the release did not work or you no longer have access to the old computer (e.g. after a hard disk crash or an update of the operating system), we can release the license for you or give you permission to early deregistration. Please uninstall the software on the old computer (if still possible) and send us the "Software reactivation request" form, completed and signed, by e-mail. Processing takes about a working day.

The data collected in the form will be processed for the purpose of responding to your enquiry in accordance with legal regulations. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.





The technical support office hours are:
Mon - Thu: 09:00 - 12:00 hrs and 13:00 - 15:00 hrs
Fri: 09:00 - 12:00 hrs