Video tutorials


Overview, tips and brief instructions

In descriptive short videos you can get a first overview of the most important functions and the essential work steps in our software programs. You can find more videos on our YouTube channel .


PV*SOL premium tutorials

Model your building with Sketchup Make and PV*SOL premium

In this tutorial you will learn how to use photo matching to model your building with SketchUp and use it in PV*SOL premium.

Polystring connections & power optimizers in PV*SOL premium

This tutorial shows you how to connect multiple module areas with non-uniform orientation to one MPP tracker.

Determining the scale of imported 3D models

Not all 3D models that you get or create from drone data are already to the right scale. We will show you how to set the right scale using a dimension.

Program options and presentation - Customize PV*SOL premium for your needs

This tutorial gives an overview on how to customize PV*SOL premium for your needs.