Heat pump software GeoT*SOL 2024 available now


GeoT*SOL is the professional tool for planning and simulating heat pump systems. In the newly released 2024 version (download free trial), new options have been introduced for determining the heating requirement for existing buildings. Firstly, the average heating requirement can be determined using the building typology (building type, year of construction and renovation status). This is based on data from the "Intelligent Energy Europe" project TABULA (2009 - 2012). On the other hand, the heat requirement of the building can be determined via the existing consumption of natural gas or heating oil, e.g. from utility bills.

The heat pump database in GeoT*SOL 2024 has been completely revised and is now based on test reports in accordance with DIN EN 14825. These contain extensive measurement data for various climatic conditions and flow temperatures, which enables a more precise simulation of the heat pump. The database currently contains over 6,500 heat pumps that have been awarded the KEYMARK certificate, which is recognized throughout Europe. Regular database updates guarantee that the latest products are always used.

The simulation results in GeoT*SOL 2024 provide important key figures that allow conclusions to be drawn about potential oversizing or undersizing of the heat pump. A low number of full load hours and frequent on and off switching ("cycling") of the heat pump indicate oversizing. Undersizing occurs, for example, if the heat demand cannot be covered. Shortfalls can be determined and displayed on a weekly basis.

In addition to German and English, a French user interface is now also available.

You can find all features and improvements in our release notes.

Do you have any further questions about the new version? Feel free to contact us on +49 (0)30 - 588 439 0 or by e-mail at sales@valentin-software.com.