PVSOL premium 2023 Release 5

Interface to K2 Base in PV*SOL premium 2023 R5


A new feature in PV*SOL premium 2023 R5 is the introduction of an interface to the planning tool K2 Base from the mounting system manufacturer K2 Systems. Thanks to the interface, which was developed in collaboration with K2 Systems, users benefit from a simplified workflow and no longer have to plan systems twice.

The roof, barred areas and shading objects are first planned in PV*SOL premium. Then the current roof area, including the preselected PV module, is exported as a file. This file is imported into K2 Base, where the user determines the optimal design of the mounting system and occupies the roof area with it. Once planning in K2 Base is complete, the project status is exported as a zip file and imported back into the PV*SOL project. The simulation of the PV system then takes place there. On our help pages you will find a step-by-step guide for the new interface.

The bill of materials, the statics calculation and the project report from K2 Base are also imported into PV*SOL premium, where they can be viewed and integrated into the final project report.

The new mounting system interface in PV*SOL premium is designed to be manufacturer-independent and can be extended to include other manufacturers.

Further updates and improvements in the current release can be found in the release notes.