PV*SOL premium 2024 available now


The new program version PV*SOL premium 2024 R1 (free 30-day trial) introduces extensive new battery options. When designing grid-connected battery systems, it is now possible to define any number of battery systems, create groups and parameterize them independently of each other. DC-coupled battery systems can now also be freely assigned to the respective PV inverter, which offers a previously unrivalled degree of flexibility. Time-controlled charging and discharging can also be specifically set for each group of battery systems - particularly interesting for time-of-day variable tariffs.

There are also innovations in the load profiles. Based on the VDI 4655 guideline by the Association of German Engineers, three high-resolution load profiles are now integrated into the PV*SOL database for each of the 15 climate zones in Germany: single-family house, multi-family house and low-energy house. With these 45 high-quality new load profiles, systems can be designed even more easily and adapted more precisely to customer requirements.

In PV*SOL premium 2024, Meteonorm 8.2 updates the previous climate data period from 1996-2015 to 2001-2020. This enables PV design with the latest climate data for almost every location in the world.

Other new features in PV*SOL premium 2024 include:
• Import of OND files containing inverter specifications
• Update to Photoplan V1.2 with new display options for PV modules (half cells, dark back sheets, new textures), amongst other things
• E-car charging station with automatic phase switching
• Project preview on welcome page

All new features and improvements can be found in our release notes.

Do you have any further questions about the new version? Feel free to contact us at+49 (0)30 588 439 0 or by e-mail at sales@valentin-software.com.

The Valentin Software Team